Why not make Mehlville’s grades more fair?

To the editor:

I would ask Randy Howe and Barrett Thiele to re-read my letter regarding Mehlville’s new grading scale. Nowhere was it stated anything about “dumbing down” the Mehlville students. Only “dumbing-down” the grading scale. Only a poor cirriculum or a poor teacher can “dumb-down” a student. This was no way implied in my letter.

I would advise Mr. Howe that I have five(5) children who graduated from Mehlville High. They had no problem being accepted to and graduating from: 1) Missouri U., Columbia, MO; Loyola-Marymont U., Los Angeles, CA; 3) Missouri U., Rolla, MO; 4) Missouri U., Rolla, MO; 5) Murray State U., Murray, KY.

If the new grading scale is a “simple matter of fairness”, why not make it more fair to Mehlville students?

Lower the scale even further and give them an advantage over the neighboring districts. As for the other end of the spectrum, why not eliminate the “F” grade altogether? That would give more students an even “better opportunity to become a more productive citizen”.

In closing, I suggest that Mr. Howe not take honest criticism so personally, but show more professionalism. I am sure his daughter is an excellent student and will have no problem in her choice of colleges.

Frank J. Lahm