Web site established for subdivision trustees

Recent changes and legislation approved by St. Louis County have prompted subdivision trustees to increase their networking efforts, according to a news release.

Many believe some of these changes may not be in the best interest of county residents with the flow of information from the county to trustees being minimal.

As a result, trustees in south county have set up a networking group to include a Web site for the exchange of news and information.

The site, “Subdivision Trustees,” is at http://subdivisiontrustees.blogspot.com.

The Web site is managed by Bill Rogers, a trustee in the Golden Gables subdivision in south county. The purpose of the site is to provide news and information for subdivision trustees throughout the entire county, according to Rogers.

“We’re not limited to south county. We are hearing from subdivisions and trustees from all parts of the area. Many trustees are facing the same problems but have not had any easy means to communicate with each other. The Internet and e-mail now allow trustees to exchange information easy and fast,” he stated in the release.

“Many trustees with whom we’ve met in recent months feel the county has not done an adequate job in communicating with trustees. No disrespect to the county officials, but subdivision trustees are low on the priority list when it comes to dispensing information affecting their neighborhoods,” he added.

Trustees automatically are notified by e-mail when news and information are added to the Web site. To receive notification, send a request to subtrustees@swbell.net.

Rogers can be contacted at (314) 892-8632.