Watson Road medians to be improved as part of Crestwood Crossing project


Photo by Lucas Irizarry

The Watson Road medians by the Crestwood Crossing development will be enhanced as part of the agreement with developers.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

An update regarding the design of the Watson Road median improvements was given to the Crestwood Board of Aldermen Sept. 13.

The medians are part of the redevelopment agreement with Crestwood Crossing developers Dierbergs and McBride Homes. The city will receive $625,000 in reimbursements for improvements to the medians. In May, the board approved a contract with DG2 Design to consult on the project, and received first renderings in August.

The August renderings featured rusted steel edging and art, with native plants within the median. The rusted steel was not the board’s favorite material for art, so the renderings were updated with a new design at the Sept. 13 meeting.

The new designs featured an updated art style. The medians will feature metal columns with cutout designs and interior lighting, but instead of rust the metal will be painted in to-be-determined colors. City Administrator Kris Simpson said the metal and paint are tough, so maintenance won’t be a huge concern outside of cleaning off road debris.

Simpson said the exact placement, colors and cutouts of the art are still up in the air as the project moves along — aldermen just need to confirm the design is on the right track. 

“Subject to final design, I think that’s a more attractive, colorful alternative than the rust. The rust just looks like decay, this is more vibrant,” Mayor Grant Mabie said. 

Overall the board liked the new design better, but had questions about some of the specifics. There were some concerns about the gloss and reflection of the paint, which Simpson said could be addressed going forward.

The board also asked about a unique installation by Grant’s Trail. Simpson said there are ideas for a more interactive piece at that location for pedestrians.

Ward 2 Alderman Mike Balles suggested the city add related installations at city parks and landmarks to keep a consistency throughout. Ward 4 Alderman Tony Kennedy agreed, pointing out Whitecliff and Crestwood parks specifically. The additions would likely have to be future projects.

Aldermen will hear more updates as the project progresses.