Walk returns to Mehlville Fire Protection District

Craig Walk

Craig Walk

Former Mehlville Fire Protection District employee and resident Craig Walk is the district’s new deputy chief of emergency medical services.

The Board of Directors voted unanimously in March to offer the post to Walk, who assumed his duties early last month, according to a news release. Walk has 28 years of experience in the delivery of emergency services, predominantly in pre-hospital emergency medical care. He has a diverse background in EMS, including field paramedic, specialty team critical care and EMS educator. He also has more than 20 years of EMS administrative experience.

Walk moved with his family to the south county area in 1955 and graduated from Lindbergh High School in 1969. After becoming interested in emergency medical services, he joined the Mehlville Fire Protection District Auxiliary in 1975 and earned his EMT license at about the same time.

St. Louis Community College at Forest Park offered its first paramedic program in 1977, and he graduated from that first class.

Walk worked at the Marion County Ambulance District and University City Fire Department before he started in Mehlville in November 1978.

He was promoted to lieutenant in 1981 and EMS supervisor in 1985.

Walk attended the Greater St. Louis County Fire Academy in 1988. Realizing the necessity of education in the fire service, Walk received his bachelor’s degree in organization administration from St. Louis University in July 1985 and earned his master’s degree in management at Webster University in May 1993. He served on the Institutional Review Board at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in 1995-1996.

After leaving Mehlville in November 1996, Walk worked as an aeromedical critical care paramedic. He also has 13 years of pediatric critical care experience at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Walk served as administrator of the St. Francois County Ambulance District for four years after leaving Mehlville and then was at the Big River Ambulance District for five years.

Walk has been married to his wife, Cindi, for almost 20 years and they have three children — Kevin, Michelle and Clayton. The Walks intend to relocate back to the south county area in the future.

In a recent memo, Walk thanked employees who shared their support of his return to the district.

“I feel very privileged to once again be a member of (the) Mehlville Fire Protection District,” Walk stated.

He has told several employees that he is proud of his history with the Mehlville Fire Protection District and is very happy to be back. This time around, Walk plans to stay with the district and ultimately retire here, according to the release.

Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Hilmer is pleased to hire a fire/medic for the position of deputy chief EMS and stated in the release, “Hiring Craig Walk is in line with the district’s goal of becoming a cross-trained department which will provide more emergency medical services to residents.”