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VIDEO: Principals grant wish for critically ill custodian

Then-Forder Elementary Principal Scott Clark, an avid motorcyclist, granted Rogers Elementary custodian Dorothy McCormick’s wish to take a motorcycle ride in August 2014.

Her legal name is Dorothy McCormick, but current students at Rogers Elementary and former students at Bierbaum Elementary simply knew her as Miss Dorothy.

She couldn’t imagine taking a job as a custodian, until she got laid off by a previous employer.

“I thought there was no way I would want to be a custodian,” McCormick stated in a Mehlville School District news release. “But then I started caring about the kids, the people, and it changed my way of thinking.”

Rogers Elementary Principal Patrick Keenoy explained, “She is well-loved by the students and staff. I have never met anyone who is so committed to doing a great job each and every day.”

McCormick survived lung cancer several years ago, but recent tests show that the cancer has returned to her rib and the prognosis is grim. She says she’s going to work at Rogers as long as possible to be around the people she considers to be “her family.” And, she also has two wishes — to be part of a Celebration of Life party and to take a ride on a motorcycle.

Earlier this month, the motorcycle wish came true. Scott Clark is the principal of Forder Elementary and an avid motorcycle rider. Clark first met McCormick when he was an assistant principal at Bierbaum and they quickly became friends.

Their 30-minute motorcycle ride was filled with talk about life and friendship.

“You meet Dorothy and you know you’re going to have a lifelong friend, and that was a large portion of our ride,” Clark stated. “We were talking friendships and friends that we have shared. It was inspirational to me.”

McCormick was all smiles as she climbed off the motorcycle.

“Like the doctor said, live the best way you can every day and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” she stated. “And if it takes a motorcycle ride with Scott, I’m all for it.”

A video of the motorcycle ride is below:

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