Unofficial absentee count released for municipal races

By Staff Report

The Crestwood mayoral post, the Sunset Hills mayoral post and four Sunset Hills aldermanic seats are up for election today.

In Crestwood, former Ward 3 Alderman Gregg Roby is challenging incumbent Jeff Schlink, who is seeking his second term as mayor.

With unofficial absentee ballots tallied, Roby received 79 votes and Schlink garnered 69 votes.

In Sunset Hills, Mark Furrer is running a write-in campaign against Mayor Bill Nolan, who is seeking his third term.

Nolan garnered 80 votes, while 25 write-in votes were cast, according to the unofficial absentee count.

In Ward 1, former Alderman Douglas McGuire Jr. is challenging incumbent Richard Gau, who seeking his second term on the Board of Aldermen.

Gau received 7 votes and McGuire tallied 5, according to the unofficial absentee votes.

In Wards 2 and 4, write-in candidates Donald Placke Jr. and Donna Ernst are challenging Ward 2 Alderman Tom Musich and Ward 4 Alderman Art Havener, respectively. Musich and Havener both are seeking second terms on the board.

The unofficial absentee count shows Musich received 25 votes. Havener garnered 38 votes, while 8 write-in votes were cast.

In Ward 3, Alderman Kurt Krueger is unopposed and received 17 votes. One write-in vote was cast.

City Collector Michael Sawicki is unopposed in his bid for a second term. He received 92 votes, while 3 write-in ballots were cast.