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Trooper pulls man out of burning car on Interstate 55

Brock Teague

A Missouri state trooper pulled a man out of a burning car in South County, saving the man’s life.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, June 13, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the St. Louis County Police Department responded to a rollover crash on the northbound ramp of Interstate 255 leading to northbound Interstate 55 in South County.

In video captured by St. Louis County Officer Angela Isaacs’ body camera and dash cam, she and MSHP Trooper Brock Teague peer into the car tipped on its side, engulfed in flames.

Teague heard a voice yelling from the car, according to the MSHP account.

Teague and Isaacs can be heard on the video urging the driver to get out as Teague headed to the back of the car and cleared glass from the back window, the MSHP said.

“Come on, give me your hand,” Teague said. “Come on man — hurry up, hurry up, come on man.”

The county officer radios that they’re still trying to get the man out of the car as Teague says, “Can you walk, can you walk, can you walk, bro? Can you walk? Stand up.”

Teague reached through the smoke and grabbed the driver by the hand, pulling him out of the fire through the back window, the highway patrol said.

The video shows Teague dragging and carrying the man away from the car.

Dash cam video shows the car on flames in the distance as Teague drags the man to a safe distance, with sirens heard in the background as other police cars arrive at the scene.

Missouri State Highway Patrol

The MSHP said the man pulled from the car, 36, was conscious and refused treatment at the scene. He was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Teague also was treated and released for smoke inhalation.

Teague, of MSHP Troop C that covers the St. Louis region, patrols the highways at night and has frequently stopped drunk drivers along Interstate 55, resulting in charges from St. Louis County.

Teague is originally from Vandalia, Missouri, and joined the State Highway Patrol in 2012.

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