Tornado Relief Fund now exceeds $200,000

Sunset Hills will accept donations for tornado relief until the checks stop coming, according to the mayor.

The city’s Tornado Assistance Fund, or TAF, has grown to more than $200,000 nearly two months after a category EF3 tornado struck the area.

So far, roughly $124,000 of that money has been disbursed to residents displaced by the New Year’s Eve storm, Mayor Bill Nolan said.

And with checks still arriving at City Hall and additional fundraisers planned, officials decided not to set a cutoff date.

“When we started, we said: ‘How long do we think we’re going to run this?'” Nolan said. “Well, what’s happened is, so many people are wanting to do things that are out in front of us. So we’ve just dropped our cutoff date. We figure we’ll collect it until people quit sending money.”

The Dec. 31 weather system involved tornadoes and high winds in communities across the state, including Sunset Hills, Crestwood and Fenton.

Those who wish to donate to tornado relief are asked to make checks payable to the “City of Sunset Hills-TAF” and mail them to: City of Sunset Hills-TAF, 3939 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Sunset Hills, MO 63127.