Third-graders participate in Living Museum exhibit

Bierbaum Elementary School’s recent Living Museum exhibit featured appearances by a number of popular and historical figures.

Third-grader Rachel Naumann portrayed Hannah Montana’s real-life persona Miley Cyrus. She was joined at the exhibit by such famous historical figures as George Washington, Betsy Ross, Martin Luther King Jr., Mia Hamm and Elvis Presley.

The Bierbaum Living Museum exhibit was the final event in a schoolwide thirdgrade reading project involving 100 pupils.

Each child read a biographical book about a famous person. Pupils then selected five important facts about that person to memorize and share with visitors to the Living Museum exhibit. The final task was to create a costume to wear for the exhibit and take on that famous person’s persona for the day.

The Bierbaum Living Museum exhibit project was developed as a way to allow pupils to have fun while learning about new and different reading genres.

Teachers involved in the Bierbaum Living Museum exhibit project include Cory Letchworth, Stephanie Montgomery, Melissa Schlichting and Mariann Scheer.