Sunset Hills residents should support Prop P


Sunset Hills voters will consider Proposition P, a half-cent sales tax, when they go to the polls April 3.

If approved by voters, Proposition P would generate roughly $750,000 to $950,000 per year to fund parks and stormwater improvements throughout the city. The Call wholeheartedly endorses Proposition P.

We believe the half-cent sales-tax proposal is reasonable and would fund needed parks and stormwater improvements throughout the city while not placing an undue burden on residents. City officials estimate that 70 percent to 80 percent of people who shop in Sunset Hills live elsewhere.

If approved, the new sales tax would increase the city’s overall sales-tax level to 7.325 percent from 6.825 percent.

The additional half-cent sales tax from Prop P then would make the city’s overall sales tax equal Kirkwood’s 7.325-percent sales tax while still being lower than Crestwood’s total sales tax of 7.575 percent.

Furthermore, Proposition P also has a sunset provision. If approved by voters, the half-cent sales tax will end in 2027.

Once again, we believe Proposition P is a reasonable proposal and we strongly encourage Sunset Hills residents to support the measure.

Also in Sunset Hills, two of four aldermanic races are contested.

Douglas McGuire Jr. in Ward 1 and incumbent John Littlefield of Ward 2 are unopposed. The Call will make an endorsement next week in the Ward 4 race pitting Mike Svoboda against incumbent Donald Parker.

In Ward 3, Wolfgang Volz is attempting to unseat Jan Hoffmann, who has served on the Board of Aldermen since 1991.

While Mr. Volz’s credentials appear to be impeccable and he would make an excellent alderman, we believe Mrs. Hoffmann deserves to be re-elected to the aldermanic seat she has held for the past 16 years.

Despite her occasionally spotty attendance record, we believe Mrs. Hoffmann has done an excellent job of representing the residents of her ward and throughout the city.

In fact, she was the only alderman who listened to residents and consistently voted against the Novus Development Co.’s ill-fated redevelopment proposal for the Sunset Manor subdivision. Those actions alone merit her re-election.

The Call next week will feature endorsements for the April 3 school-board and municipal elections.