St. Louis County crews continue efforts to help north county residents’ storm recovery

Crews from St. Louis County Transportation Department remain on the job in areas of the county hard-hit by storms Thursday, cleaning debris from county-maintained streets and public right-of-ways.

“Crews worked throughout the weekend, continuing the clean-up in North County that began Thursday almost immediately after the storm hit,” St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger said in a news release. “Today we again pulled in crews and resources from across the county to keep these efforts moving as quickly as possible.”

As of midday Tuesday, more than 50 dump truck loads of storm debris such as tree limbs and trunk sections had been removed from the area, acting Public Works Director Daniel Dreisewerd said. Crews started work in what appeared to be the hardest-hit areas first and are continuing to spread out throughout those areas affected.

St. Louis County crews cannot clean up storm debris from private property. However, county emergency operations officials secured the assistance of 60 AmeriCorps volunteers who worked over the weekend in Spanish Lake, Glascow Village and Castle Point. They looked for homes with debris in the yard and offered clean-up assistance to those residents. Area trash haulers also placed dumpsters in various locations in which residents could place debris.

“We are committed to helping storm-affected residents and will continue to work as long as necessary,” Stenger said.

Anyone continuing to experience storm related problems should call 211 for assistance.