Sperreng pupils score big at Duke University

Most seventh-graders don’t plan to take SAT or ACT exams for a few more years, but 70 pupils at Sperreng Middle School recently scored quite well on the tests as part of the Duke University Talent Identif-ication Program.

Almost half of the Sperreng pupils tested were recognized and honored, according to a Lindbergh School District news release.

The seventh-grade talent search identifies academically talented pupils based on standardized test scores. The pupils are tested on either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment college entrance ex-amination.

Three pupils qualified for grand recognition as a result of the tests: Justin Helbert, Rajiv Tarigopula and David Xiong.

In addition, 24 pupils qualified for State Recognition, according to the release.

They are: Marcella Barbeau, Nicholas Bishop, Emma Bradford, Even Culbertson, Audrey Dang, Maria Dipaola, Michelle Dunn, Maximilian Fei, Walter Fu, Justin Gutting, Nicholas Hanpeter, Elliot Lieb-man, Peter Linck, Collin Luebbert, Michael Marino, Mary Merriman, Lara Mertens, Scot Metzger, Audrey Raymond, James Thurby, Joshua Traubitz, Robert Urberger, Benjamin Wagnon and Bria Williams.