Southwest Medical Center Physicians join St. Anthony’s Medical Center’s Physician Organization

Southwest Medical Center, or SWMC, a St. Louis medical practice that has served the community for 57 years, joins St. Anthony’s Medical Center’s Physician Organization, or SAPO, effective April 1.

“Increased government regulation in the healthcare arena and the need for additional resources to meet the demands of healthcare changes are some of the reasons behind the decision; but shared culture and philosophy sealed the deal,” Dr. Mark Fogarty, president of the 15-member group of physicians, stated in a news release.

“We have talked to multiple hospital systems, but St. Anthony’s was the best fit for us,” Fogarty stated. “We both practice high-quality medicine, we both put a premium on highly skilled physicians and cutting-edge technology and we share a patient-centered vision of healthcare —providing the best care to every patient every day.”

The 30,000 patients served by doctors at SWMC will experience no disruption in care; they will visit the same doctors at the same location, with the same office personnel. As of April 1, the 63 employees of SWMC will be employed by St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

Southwest Medical Center will continue to offer radiological and diagnostic services, including mammograms, bone density testing, X-rays and ultrasound. The practice also will continue to provide complete on-site Laboratory services. The signage will be updated to include “St. Anthony’s Medical Center.”

“This partnership with St. Anthony’s will allow us to continue to serve the people of this community with the highest level of medical care,” Dr. M. Robert Hill, SWMC medical director, stated in the release. “Southwest and St. Anthony’s both are driving toward the same mission and goal — taking care of your neighborhood, one family at a time.”

St. Anthony’s Physician Organization is comprised of physicians who represent a network of high-quality, highly accessible primary care and specialist physician offices, conveniently located in south St. Louis County and Jefferson County, and affiliated with St. Anthony’s Medical Center. St. Anthony’s Physician Organization was formed in 2002. With the addition of the SWMC physicians, St. Anthony’s Physician Organization will include 94 providers who care for more than 100,000 patients.

“St. Anthony’s is proud to welcome the physicians of the SWMC to our organization,” Tom Rockers, St. Anthony’s president and CEO, stated in the release. “Working together in partnership, we will be able to reach the highest level of quality and provide the best care for our patients.”

Southwest Medical Center is at 7345 Watson Road, just southwest of the St. Louis city limits.