Smaller flood plain projects streamlined by planning panel

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The St. Louis County Planning Commission heard an amendment to the county zoning code Nov. 22 to allow small flood plain projects to bypass an unneeded step.

For projects concerning small changes like retaining walls or driveway adjustments, the county would no longer require petitioners to get a signed and sealed letter from an engineer examining the plan. Intermittent Planner Debi Salberg said this would be a rare occurrence and county staff would decide if the plan needs a letter or not.

James Knoll, the county flood plain administrator, said all the other usual steps would still apply to the plans but petitioners would not have to incur expenses by getting an engineer letter.

“We think it makes sense for these really minor projects that don’t have any impact on the flood plain in reality,” Knoll said.