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Sunset Hills aldermen table communication audit


The Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen received a resolution Sept. 13 authorizing an audit of the city’s communication efforts and tabled the resolution for further review.

The audit is a complete analysis of the city’s communications and how those communications are received by the public and it is done through Creative Entourage. This includes signage, the website, social media and any other letters or notices the city sends out.

City Administrator Brittany Gillett said the company will perform focus groups, interview staff and aldermen and analyze what works and doesn’t. The $25,000 project would be paid for by American Rescue Plan Act funds. 

“It’s part of this bigger idea of being transparent with our residents and ensuring they receive the information we’re putting out in a form in which they want to receive it,” Gillett said.

She said after the audit, Creative Entourage will put together a plan for the city to implement going forward.

Aldermen were unsure about the project and its scope. 

Ward 2 Alderman Christine Lieber said she would like to see this project be handled internally to avoid the $25,000 price tag. She suggested adding communications director functions to a current staff member, but Gillett said current staff members aren’t trained to carry out a full audit of this size. A communications director position may be added to city staff in the future.

Ward 3 Alderman Randy Epperson was in favor of approving the resolution, citing the need for more transparency in the city. 

“We have to be more transparent to our residents … we have to communicate with our residents better, we have to do everything for our residents better. To me this is money well spent if it helps us do that better,” Epperson said.

Ward 4 Alderman Fred Daues agreed with Epperson’s sentiments, but wanted time to ensure Creative Entourage’s plan would fit city needs, since they mostly have handled marketing plans for businesses in the past.

The board voted to table the resolution to review the scope of the project and to ensure it will cover the city’s needs.

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