Senate filibuster stalls debate on a bill to restrict union rights

Extended Missouri Senate debate Tuesday blocked a vote on a measure that would expand a ban on local governments from awarding contracts to businesses that require workers to join unions or pay union fees.

The measure’s sponsor — Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown — came under stiff questioning from Sen. Tim Green, D-St. Louis County.

“You believe it’s right for us to dictate to local political subdivisions how best to use the tax dollars,” Green asked.

“I believe it’s right to stand up for the taxpayers in Missouri irregardless of what subdivision or political subdivision they are in,” Munzlinger responded.

It is the second bill restricting union powers that has been blocked by a Senate filibuster.

Two weeks earlier, before legislators left for spring break, a filibuster blocked action on what proponents call “right to work” legislation that impose a broader ban on business from requiring workers to join unions or pay union fees — regardless whether working for private or government contracts.

Along with Democratic opposition, that measure faced stiff opposition from fellow Republicans in the Senate.

– Missouri Digital News