Sedentary lifestyles provide numerous drawbacks

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

My name is Bethany Lewis and I am a senior student at Lindbergh High School.

For last semester’s capstone Human Anatomy and Physiology project I have been researching the effects of having a sedentary lifestyle on the mental and physical health of the human body and the results have been worrying, to say the least.

After a thorough investigation, I have concluded that a sedentary lifestyle is much worse for people than we usually think. Of course, nothing is without its benefits, but these are few and far between – mostly, if one is not placing stress on their body, they cannot acquire stress-related injuries and that is about as far as the benefits go. The drawbacks are, in contrast, disconcertingly numerous. Sitting for too long during the day can cause raised blood sugar, issues with circulation, increased risk of obesity, muscle atrophy, bone weakness, and an increased risk of anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, this can be relatively easily avoided. Simply make sure you are getting thirty minutes to an hour of exercise per day and make an effort to stand more – take a walk around the office or house every half hour, stand while reading emails, or get an exercise ball instead of a chair. Hopefully, when more people are informed about these issues, we can take strides towards a healthier and happier world.

Bethany Lewis
Lindbergh High School