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Roby prevails over Schlink for Crestwood mayoral post

Furrer apparently defeats Sunset Hills mayor

Two incumbent mayors apparently have lost their re-election bids, according to final unofficial election results.

Former Ward 3 Alderman Gregg Roby prevailed in his challenge over Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink in today’s election.

Roby received 1,719 votes, while Schlink garnered 1,473.

In Sunset Hills, Mayor Bill Nolan apparently has been upset in his bid for a third term by write-in challenger Mark Furrer.

Ward 4 Alderman Art Havener also appears to have been upset in his bid for a second term by write-in challenger Donna Ernst.

Nolan received 955 votes, while 1,120 write-in votes were cast, according to unofficial election results.

Havener received 224 votes, while 484 write-in votes were cast.

Ward 1 Alderman Richard Gau beat back a challenge from former Alderman Douglas McGuire Jr.

Gau received 215 votes, while McGuire garnered 155.

Ward 2 Alderman Tom Musich prevailed over write-in challenger Donald Placke Jr. Musich garnered 434 votes, while eight write-in votes were cast.

In Ward 3, Alderman Kurt Krueger was unopposed and received 403 votes. A total of 20 write-in votes were cast.

City Collector Michael Sawicki was unopposed in his bid for a second term. He received 1,694 votes, while 37 write-in ballots were cast.

In Grantwood Village, two sales-tax measures were approved by voters.

Proposition 1 received 154 “yes” votes and 111 “no” votes. Proposition 2 garnered 164 “yes” votes and 109 “no” votes.

Proposition 1, a quarter-cent general revenue sales tax, is intended to be paid “by the 500,000-plus visitors to Grantwood Village who purchase food and souvenirs,” according to information provided by Village Clerk Mark Kienstra.

The tax will “add 25 cents to every $100 spent in the village,” and be classified as “unrestricted revenue.” As such, it can be used for “enhanced services” or to “build reserves” and would generate roughly $12,000 in annual revenue, according to the information Kienstra provided.

Proposition 2, a half-cent economic development sales tax, also will be paid by Grantwood Village visitors, adding “50 cents to every $100 spent in the village,” according to Kientra’s information. The tax will be restricted to economic development projects, “such as resurfacing Grant Road” and is expected to generate roughly $30,000 annually.

The taxes are being proposed, according to Kienstra’s information, to help generate funds to “resurface Grant Road.”

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