Robinson’s time as mayor a ‘Royal’ disaster for Crestwood


When Roy Robinson ran for mayor in 2005, he promised to “Bring Crestwood Back.”

Crestwood residents need to ask themselves two questions: Is the city better off today than it was in April 2005 when Mr. Robinson was elected mayor? Has Mayor Robinson brought Crestwood back?

The obvious answer is no. You want proof? The proposed 2008 budget projects deficits and the city’s mall is in worse shape than ever. Coupled with his penchant for power and secrecy, the city today is at a far worse crossroads than it faced when Mayor Robinson first was elected.

It’s unfortunate that no citizens were present at the Oct. 17 Ways and Means Committee meeting because they would have seen firsthand why Mayor Robinson has not fulfilled his promise to “Bring Crestwood Back.”

That’s an impossible promise to keep when you’ve buried your head in the sand, refusing to acknowledge that things might get worse before they get better. And that’s certainly not good if you’re planning to seek re-election.

It’s no secret that we haven’t always agreed with Ward 3 Alderman Jerry Miguel, but he’s absolutely correct that city officials need to develop and publicly state a contingency plan in case the Westfield Shoppingtown Crestwood experiences further declines in sales-tax revenue. Despite Mayor Robinson’s assertions to the contrary, the city indeed has fallen off a cliff with the closing of Dillard’s.

At the Oct. 17 meeting, Mr. Miguel convincingly made his case for city officials to formulate a “Plan B,” but Mayor Robinson responded that the alderman’s concerns were “negative.”

Mr. Miguel’s concerns are not “negative.” They’re realistic.

And if residents want to restore the city’s finances, they would be wise in 2008 to elect a mayor who is proactive, not reactive.

Based upon Mayor Robinson’s reactions last week — whining over discussions occurring without his presence or approval and his stubborn notion that any public talk of the mall’s struggles creates problems — we can only conclude that the man is power hungry and averse to openness.

Mayor Robinson has demonstrated time and time again that he regards himself at a stature above his fellow elected aldermen and city employees.

Unless his selfish demands give way to a reasonable plan for the benefit of all in Crestwood, his “Royalty” must be dethroned. At least Mr. Miguel has a plan — Plan B.