Republicans, Libertarians oppose Prop M

Two local political groups recently approved separate resolutions in opposition to St. Louis County’s Proposition M — a proposed half-cent sales tax that would raise an estimated $80 million annually to be split evenly to fund Metro operations and eventual light-rail expansion to Florissant and Westport.

The Oakville Township Republican Club and St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee have both approved resolutions against Prop M, which county voters will decide in the Nov. 4 election.

Metro officials have said if Prop M fails, the agency would be forced to reduce its service for MetroLink and MetroBus.

Members of the Oakville Township Republican Club unanimously approved a motion proposed by the organization’s Board of Directors, according to a news release.

The motion stated: “Be it resolved that since the Oakville Township Republican Club believes that the cost of the current expansion plan for the MetroLink expansion plan — Prop M — is not a good nor efficient use of Oakville taxpayers money, therefore we must oppose Prop M and urge all like minded taxpayers in the Oakville area and St. Louis County to vote no on Prop M on Nov. 5, 2008.”

Board Chairman Kurt Witzel stated in the release, “It’s amazing that in these tough financial times, St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley would ask the taxpayers of St. Louis County to further burden themselves with higher taxes for a service that South County residents virtually have no access to.

“When is Mr. Dooley going to understand that we are taxed enough as it is?’

A release from the county Libertarians states, in part, “… Past history of MetroLink and other light-rail projects suggests that such programs are not commercially viable, indicating that public subsidies are wasteful …

“The St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee does not support the Proposition M — MetroLink — half-cent sales-tax increase in the referendum …”