Republican Pousosa announces bid for county executive’s post

Green Park alderman says, ‘We need a game-changer’

Tony Pousosa

Tony Pousosa

By Gloria Lloyd

A south county politician threw his hat in the ring Tuesday night for next year’s race for St. Louis County’s top position, pledging to unseat County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Surrounded by fellow Republicans, Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Tony Pousosa outlined a few of the county government scandals and investigations that have come to light this year at an announcement event at the Missouri Athletic Club in Town and Country. He said residents feel ignored by county government, highlighting the debate over zoning notifications for an Oakville senior housing complex and fees the county began enforcing this year on special events held at churches and schools.

If residents want a different type of county government, however, they will not find it from Dooley’s Democratic challenger, 6th District County Councilman Steve Stenger of Affton, Pousosa said, giving Stenger just as much blame for what he sees is wrong in county government as Dooley.

“Executive Dooley and Councilman Stenger are the same. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again,” Pousosa said. “We don’t need a name change, we need a game-changer.”

Pousosa, who first took office in Green Park in 2007, ran for Stenger’s council seat last year, with Stenger beating him in that race by 7,000 votes.

In positions the Republican said distinguished him from his Democratic opponents, Pousosa opposes a city-county merger, called for the state auditor to audit every department in county government and pledged that zoning notifications would run in a widely read newspaper.

“We want safer, stronger neighborhoods that promote residential and business growth. The best government is self-governance,” he said. “I believe that residents of St. Louis County deserve better, and you do have a choice in this election by investing in my candidacy for county executive.”

Several prominent Republicans gave speeches in support of Pousosa at the event, including John Brunner, who unsuccessfully sought his party’s nod for the U.S. Senate last year; Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific; and Jim Lembke, former state senator from Lemay.