QuikTrip OK’d for Lindbergh-Lemay Ferry


A general rendering of a new QuikTrip. This is not a specific rendering of the ones proposed along Lemay Ferry Road.

A new QuikTrip will be built and an existing one will close under a plan for redevelopment of a corner near the mall.

The County Council unanimously approved a plan April 20 for a new QuikTrip at the corner of Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry that would replace the existing one at 3475 Lemay Ferry. The new gas station will replace a number of stores at the corner, including the Lindbergh Tire and Auto Center, the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and the Watering Bowl dog daycare. The new medical marijuana dispensary that just opened next to the sites, Proper Cannabis, will remain.

QuikTrip is also proposing another new QT at 5040 Lemay Ferry Road at the current site of the Kassebaum or Sessions buildings at the corner of Butler Hill Road and Lemay Ferry.

The new Lindbergh-Lemay Ferry QuikTrip generated less concern about its location than the Butler Hill one, but a resident spoke in opposition to it at the town hall held on the potential Butler Hill QT.

“That is going to be a traffic nightmare,” Lemay resident Paul Deluca said. “The traffic islands that prevent left and right turns, it’s already a nightmare right now. That is a very busy intersection. … This is a very dense urban core, the mall’s across the street, there’s a lot going on over there, we’ve got the Starbucks, the Imo’s, the pot dispensary right by the Smoothie King — you guys are going to create a bottleneck and there’s already traffic there that’s maddening.”

But Gwen Keen, the real-estate project manager for QuikTrip, said that QTs don’t generate traffic — they capitalize on existing drive-by traffic that sees the store and stops for gas, food or drinks.