Oakville youth participates in Boys’ State

Michael Maniaci, 17, recently completed the 64th session of the American Legion Boys’ State of Missouri program.

The weeklong program took place on the campus of Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg.

Maniaci was sponsored by American Legion Post 300 in Affton. He has completed his junior year at Oakville Senior High School and was selected based on his leadership and citizenship skills. He has been a member of student council for the past three years and will serve on the executive board as treasurer this fall.

Missouri Boys’ State is regarded as one of the most distinguished youth programs in the country and has helped shape the future leaders of our country. The program is designed to educate and train Missouri’s young leaders in functional citizenship, leadership and government.

Maniaci was one of almost 1,000 student leaders who built an entire state government, including a fully functional court system, executive branch, media, legislature and law enforcement. In every possible way, the government of Boys’ State paralleled that of the government of the state of Missouri.

The Boys’ State government was comprised of 16 working cities.

Maniaci ran for and was elected mayor of Clark City. His responsibilities during the week reflected those of actual mayors: Unifying and leading his city; overseeing the construction of Clark City on a designated floor of their dorm; establishing the city budget; appointing city officers; and organizing and running the city meetings.

The entire Boys’ State staff was compromised of educational, legal, professional, and civic leaders who volunteer their time each year.

Missouri Boys’ State was designed for the sole purpose of making investment in our state’s greatest resource — the youth of Missouri.