Oakville High presents ‘Schoolhouse Rock’

Oakville Senior High School students will present performances of “Schoolhouse Rock” at 7 p.m. daily from Wednesday, Nov. 29, to Friday, Dec. 1, in the Drama Center, 5557 Milburn Road.

“Schoolhouse Rock,” an Emmy Award-winning 1970s Saturday-morning cartoon series that taught history, grammar, math, science and politics through clever, tuneful songs is not only making a small-screen comeback, but it’s instructing a whole new generation to “Unpack Your Adjectives” and “Do the Circulation,” will light up the Drama Center.

Tina (Lauren Jacob), a school teacher nervous about her first day of teaching, tries to relax by watching TV when various characters representing facets of her personality emerge from the set and show her how to win her students over with imagination and music through such beloved “Schoolhouse Rock” songs as “Just A Bill,” “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly” and “Conjunction Junction.”

Children just discovering the TV series to “Generation X-ers” seeking a taste of nostalgia will delight in this entertaining production that’s simply good, clean — and educational — fun.

Tickets cost $5. For more information, call (314) 467-7226.