Oakville Band students earn state awards

Oakville High Band Director David Meador can be extra proud of his talented young musicians as Oakville students recently captured 27 Superior I Ratings and 18 Excellent 2 Ratings at the Missouri Music Festival at Columbia.

Earning Superior I Ratings for solo performances were David Butchko (Marim-ba), Angie Adams (Clarinet), Andy Ches-ter (Tuba) and Brad Petzold (Piano and Clarinet).

Ensemble groups earning Superior I Ratings were: Kassie Chamberlain, Kevin Mueller, Connie Reinhardt and Melissa Vogt (Flute), Andy Chester, Rob Moushey and Steve Elford (Tuba), Jordan Beach, Steve Perkins, David Spoor and Alex Wilson (Percussion), David Butchko, David Frick, David Jaspering and Caitlin Murray (Percussion), Pam Myrick, Kelly O’Shaughnessy and Whitney Robertson (Clarinet) and Angie Adams, Stephanie Ficken, Jill Henzler and Brad Petzold (Clarinet).

Capturing Excellent 2 Ratings for solo performances were Jill Henzler (Clarinet), Lisa Wiedermann (Flute), Micaela Harris (French Horn), Eric Westmoreland (Trum-pet) and Ryan Repking (Trombone).

Earning Excellent 2 Ratings for ensemble performances were Anna Mattlage, Matt Mills, Angie Vogt and Eric West-moreland (Trumpet), Ryan Repking, Jesse Gunderson and Jason Korte (Trombone), Colleen Pisoni, Madelyn Diekemper and Lisa Wiedermann (Flute) and Kassie Cham-berlain, Kristen Loesch and Connie Rein-hardt (Flute).