New finance officer hired for Crestwood

New city website set to go live next Tuesday

By Staff Report

Mickey Viles is the city of Crestwood’s new finance officer.

City Administrator Mark Sime introduced Viles at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

Viles, of Springfield, holds a variety of degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in businesses administration, accounting, finance, taxes, management and data processing, plus a law degree and master of laws in taxation degree.

“… He is well-qualified, and he has started work for us,” Sime said of Viles. “He started yesterday (Aug. 11), and he’s jumping right in to learn the job and help the city …”

In a separate matter, aldermen voted to approve minutes of the board’s June 24 meeting.

At the board’s July 22 meeting, Ward 3 Aldermen Bill Boston requested approval of the June 24 minutes be postponed because he believed the minutes were “very incomplete.”

Boston specifically referenced comments made June 24 by former Ward 3 Alderman Jerry Miguel, who joined other aldermen in voting 7-0 to hire Sime in January 2013 and outlined a series of decisions made by Sime that have since caused Miguel to lose confidence in the city administrator.

Regarding Miguel’s comments at the June 24 meeting, the draft minutes stated Miguel “approached the podium and shared his opinion of significant events that had occurred over the last 16 months.”

The approved June 24 minutes state that Miguel “approached the podium and shared his opinion of significant events that had occurred over the last 16 months, focusing on the following: his full confidence in Mr. Sime when he was hired; his support of the elimination of animal control; his understanding of the outsourcing of IT (information technology); his concern over the pooling of the secretaries; his finding the dismissal of the finance officer questionable; his frustrations surrounding the decision and the retraction of the decision to outsource the finance department; his disapproval of the reclassification of the city clerk position, noting the issue had previously been visited by the board; lastly, his loss of confidence in Mr. Sime. He finished his lengthy statement by raising the question of what would be outsourced next.”

Also, Sime presented a preview of the city’s new website, which is scheduled to go live Tuesday, Aug. 26.


to view the new website when it goes live.