Missouri House, Senate approve school transfer bills

By Jill Ornitz

JEFFERSON CITY — Both Missouri’s House and Senate approved bills Wednesday that would restrict the right of students in unaccredited school districts to transfer to accredited districts.

Supporters of the bills said that while the legislation is not a perfect solution to the issue of school transfers, it provides the best possible way for students in unaccredited districts to attend an accredited school without unaccredited districts having to pay a high cost.

Opponents of the bills said the legislation would take away a school board’s local control to determine when it is appropriate to sell a school building, especially when a government body outside of a district determines how a district’s tax dollars are spent.

Last year, Gov. Jay Nixon had vetoed a similar bill because it contained a provision allowing government funding for students in unaccredited districts to transfer to private schools.

This year’s version removes the private school funding option. But the Senate version expands public funding alternatives for online, virtual schools and charter schools.

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