MFPD approves purchase of 10 new monitors


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

In what Chief Brian Hendricks called the “final step” in fully equipping the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s pumper trucks, the Board of Directors approved the purchase of 10 brand new patient monitors.

The new monitors will be featured in district ambulances, and the ambulances’ monitors will move to the pumper trucks. Hendricks said this means all first line equipment would then feature these monitors.

The monitors, manufactured by Zoll, make a huge difference when it comes to on-site first aid. They keep track of patient vitals and provide emergency medical technicians with information on heart rate, how much oxygen to administer and act as a defibrillator. 

Hendricks said in the past MFPD hasn’t been able to acquire more monitors due to the cost associated, but Zoll offered a five-year, zero-interest payment plan which was too good to pass up. MFPD will pay $106,000 a year for the monitors, maintenance and warranties. The monitors will be delivered in the next two to three months. 

The plan allows MFPD to exchange monitors for newer versions should technology improve in the next five years. 

Assistant Chief EMS Todd Besancenez said the monitors are important for recording purposes, as they allow EMTs to study a situation to see where improvements can be made in the future.