Mehlville School District students make their resolutions for 2018


Rogers Elementary School students in the Mehlville School District offer the following resolutions for 2018:
From Alyssa: To read more, to write better, to help people, to be the joy, to help with cleaning my room.
From Max: I want to be healthier, stronger and I want to become a better hockey player because I want to be the healthiest person in my family.
From Elijah: I want to learn how to spell better, get better at math, try to help a person in need, make a difference by being the joy and being nice. I promise to be kind and help do the dishes.
From Elizabeth: I want to get better at ice skating, dancing, singing and at being the joy forever. And that is it. Bye!
From Molly: I want to be the joy all the time. I am going to look for friends in need and do the best I can to be the best friend I can. I hope you can too.
From Samantha: I want to get better at singing, learn how to wash clothes and cook more, try to get better at school and I promise to have fun while doing stuff.
From Ollie: I want to be able to read faster and be kind and helpful for my mom. I really want to get stronger and be better at all four sports.
From Kendra: I want to help my parents with cleaning and doing jobs. Also to read harder books and to challenge myself by reading slower because I want to be ready for higher grades. I want to be the best I can.
From Madison: I want to not play on my computer so much. I want to be less of a couch potato. I want to help my mom better with my brother and sister because my mom gets stressed out.
From Jaxon: I want to stop eating junk food because I have a cavity. Also because I want to be healthy and active around the house and be active in sports and hobbies.
From Alyssa: I want to eat less junk food so I can live a healthy life and I can run all the way around Disney World in February. I hope my family will do this with me.
From Mia: I want to start exercising more so I can lose weight. I want to be more thankful and make people happy. I want to read more so I can learn more. I want to be a good friend and make people happy.
From Kayla: I want to help my parents with cleaning because my room is very messy. I want to continue good behavior because me and my brother always fight.
From Jaden: I want to get better at soccer because I went on a trip for five weeks and I can’t remember a lot about soccer. I don’t know a lot of tricks so I need to get better. If I don’t, at recess everyone will take the ball away and score for the other team.
From Tyler: I want to learn to tie my shoes and to start getting along with my brother. I want to do this so I can get more friends and so I don’t need help tying my laces.
From Allison: I want to read more and challenge myself to read bigger books with more words and pages. I would also like to help out my mom and dad with chores.
From Kyle: I want to be more nice to my brother and sister. I feel like I can be hard on them and yell a lot. Yes, they can be pests sometimes by playing tag in my room when I am reading in my bed. I am going to try to be nicer and be a good big brother.
From Gavin: I want to be better at school. I have gotten in trouble a lot. So I need to step it up a bit.
And I am also silly while the teacher is teaching. I hope I have a good 2018.
Wohlwend Elementary School students have made the following resolutions for the new year:
From Alexa: To read more books because reading is fun and exciting if you get the right book. I love to read every day and night.
From Ryan: To be kind to others. I want to be more helpful and more thankful for all I have, like food, water and shelter. I am going to try to be that someone.
From Aubrey: To publish my book “Unicorn Biology” because I love unicorns. I want people to see my writing.
I think it will be great.
From Dylan: To get good grades because when I do I get to pick dinner and get toys. My parents will be happy.
From Brendan: To help others be a better person and help others show that they matter. I hope to help people be better at math and become better readers. I hope to show people that nobody is perfect.
From Rosie: To be more of a friend to others, because some people may not have many friends or no friends.
From Braeden: To be more helpful because I always forget to do my chores. I think if I remember my chores my parents won’t have to remind me all the time, so they can do more important stuff like making dinner.
From Lily: To do my best, to read more and to think about others. I really want to make a difference in life. I want to show people that I care. I hope you will, too.
From Ariella: To focus on soccer because doing something new is good to learn. And once you keep trying you could maybe be a pro at it. And trying something new can change your life.
From Jackson: To get better at football. I really want to play on a football team. I want to play college football for Michigan. I hope to get better.
Hagemann Elementary School students have made the following resolutions for 2018:
From Alison: In 2018 I would like to improve on eating less sweets, start doing more chores, and lower screen time on electronics.
From Corey: For 2018, my New Year’s Resolutions are going to be improving on my soccer skills, to start trying new foods and cleaning my room.
From Nejra: In the year 2018 I would like to get better at math, use better handwriting and to start cooking and baking more often.
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