Mehlville NEA members attend national event

Four elected delegates from the Mehlville National Education Association earlier this month joined nearly 10,000 delegates at the National Education Association’s 146th annual meeting and Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C.

Representing the Mehlville NEA were President Kay Cappos of Blades Elementary School, Treasurer Karen Torretta of Oakville Senior High School, High School Vice President Christy Mathews of Oakville Senior High School and general member Ross Bullington of Margaret Buerkle Middle School.

At the annual meeting, delegates discussed, debated and voted on issues related to public education and its stakeholders — children and educators.

One of the major events was the unveiling of a comprehensive NEA proposal that spells out how to achieve a new balance in the federal role in education, according to a news release.

Retiring President Reg Weaver stated in the news release, “Federal education policy needs more than a legislative tweak here and there.”

Participants also heard from newly elected NEA President Dennis Van Roeckel, who plans to have a term focused on fostering “the dreams and possibilities of public education” for the nation’s children, and other speakers, including 2008 National Teacher of the Year Michael Giesen.