Mehlville Board of Education passes 2020 blended tax rate


In the Rogers Elementary first-day-of-school scavenger hunt in 2019, second-grader Aleah Jacobsmeyer, right, and other students went straight to the top for help, asking Superintendent Chris Gaines if he fit any of their categories. He checked the box ‘I like vegetables.’

By Erin Achenbach, Staff Reporter

The Mehlville Board of Education unanimously approved the 2020 blended tax rate at its annual tax rate hearing Monday, Sept. 28. 

The Board of Education approved a blended tax rate of $3.8056, a slight increase from last year’s blended rate of $3.7994. The public hearing was held in-person with capacity restrictions due to COVID-19, but no members of the public attended. 

The blended rate is not levied but is used to compare the district to other school districts, and is a combination of the residential, commercial, agricultural and personal property tax rates, including a 4-cent temporary tax from Proposition A for AC, which voters approved in 2016 and ends in 2025. 

“The tax rate is actually very, very simple. You just get numbers from the county and there’s a form supplied by the state auditor … you just plug in the numbers and it does all the work for you,” joked Superintendent Chris Gaines at the hearing Monday.

Typically Chief Financial Officer Marshall Crutcher conducts the yearly rate hearing, but he was out of town. 

“Largely because of COVID, we’re projecting a little bit lower collection rate this year,” said Gaines. 

The approved 2020 tax rates per $100 of assessed valuation:

  • Residential real estate – $3.6191 plus $.034 from Prop A for a total of $3.6531.
  • Commercial real estate – $3.8271 plus $.037 from Prop A for a total of $3.8641.
  • Agricultural real estate – $4.3276 plus $.038 from Prop A for a total of $4.3656. 
  • Personal property –  $4.4974 plus $.040 from Prop A for a total of $4.5375. 

The board unanimously approved the tax rates with no discussion.