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Mayor taps former police officer for aldermanic seat

Crestwood board can accept or reject mayor’s appointment.

A former Crestwood police officer is Mayor Jeff Schlink’s choice to fill his former aldermanic seat.

The Board of Aldermen was scheduled to consider Schlink’s appointment of Doug Mosby to fill the vacant Ward 2 board seat when it met Tuesday — after the Call went to press.

Schlink told the Call four residents submitted their names for consideration as appointees to the seat. He declined to name the other three.

After interviewing all the candidates, Schlink said he thought Mosby “had a good head on his shoulders. I thought the responses that he gave me were well thought out. He never just answered me. He always explained why he felt a particular way.”

Mosby is employed as managing director at Hubb Systems LLC in Chesterfield, which designs and manufactures hardware and software for public safety entities. He previously served with the Crestwood Police Department from 1993 until 2006.

“We’re fairly like-minded on a number of things, but I think with his experience with the city — being a former city employee from the Crestwood Police Department — I think he brings a really good perspective that we haven’t had on the board before that I’m aware of,” Schlink said. “Now he’s a resident, so he looks at things a little bit differently too than maybe he would have at the time he was an employee.

“I think Mr. Mosby’s going to be a good alderman if the board approves him, and I really hope that’s what happens on Tuesday,” the mayor added.

The board can accept or reject Schlink’s appointment and, if the latter, recommend someone of its choosing per the Crestwood Charter.

In either case, the new alderman could be sworn in the same evening and cast votes.

Two bills were listed on Tuesday’s board meeting agenda as old business, including the second reading of an ordinance approving a new development agreement with Pulaski Bank for the Sappington Square retail center.

Schlink said he recommended his appointee, if seated, not vote on matters of old business Tuesday but added that he would let Mosby decide whether to abstain

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