Lower energy bills with the correct exterior

If you’re a homeowner looking to save on energy bills, one good solution may actually be on the outside of your home. The right exterior siding can significantly cut energy costs by helping to keep the home warmer in cool months and cooler in warm months. And for style-conscious homeowners, energy-saving exteriors can also give the house a unique and stylish look (or facelift) and increase your home’s value. Sound too good to be true? Not so, with an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS). Here’s how EIFS works:


Exterior insulation systems have become popular with homeowners, builders and architects because of their design flexibility and energy efficiency. By providing insulation on the outside of the wall where it is much more effective, these exterior cladding systems significantly reduce the year-round cost of heating and cooling. In an independent study by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, one EIFS (manufactured by Dryvit Systems, West Warwick, RI) performed far better on energy tests than the six other common cladding choices tested (including brick, pre-cast concrete and wood). Today, we know that Dryvit home exteriors lower energy costs by at least 20 percent.


One of the unique benefits of EIF systems is that they can be shaped, colored and textured to achieve virtually any look. Dryvit, for example, manufactures different finishes that accurately replicate brick, limestone, stucco and granite, allowing for the design of more unique and visually interesting homes. A striking and much publicized example of Dryvit’s Custom Brick finish can be seen at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas – on both interior and exterior walls. Enhanced energy efficiency and varied finish styles make EIFS a truly unique home exterior option.