Lindbergh superintendent leaves remarkable legacy


After serving 17 years as superintendent of the Lindbergh School District, Jim Sandfort leaves behind a legacy that’s unparalleled by his peers in St. Louis County and perhaps even statewide.

Dr. Sandfort, whose retirement is effective June 30, has served as Lindbergh superintendent since 1991 — the longest tenure in the same school district of any superintendent in St. Louis County.

As we’ve written before, we believe Dr. Sandfort’s legacy involves promoting student achievement, ensuring exemplary fiscal stewardship and doing what’s right for children.

Under Dr. Sandfort’s leadership, the Lindbergh School District earned the state’s prestigious Distinction in Performance Award for academic progress and achievement for seven consecutive years — every year the award has been offered.

During a Board of Education meeting earlier this month, board members adopted two resolutions recognizing Dr. Sandfort for his outstanding contributions to the school district and community.

One resolution honored him for his leadership in character education.

Earlier this year, Sappington Elementary School was named a National School of Character and the Lindbergh School District was recognized as a National District of Character — the only district receiving that honor this year.

The resolution recognized Dr. Sandfort’s many years of devotion to character-education efforts and the fact that he has led by example, volunteering countless hours to charitable and civic organizations.

The second resolution honoring Dr. Sandfort for his years of service to Lindbergh noted that he “has been a role model to all who have had the opportunity to know him.”

The resolution also stated that Dr. Sandfort’s “hard work and sacrifices have benefited this district and the results will be felt for generations to come … The Lindbergh School District Board of Education thanks and applauds Dr. James A. Sandfort for all that he has done and recognizes that he truly has a heart for kids and the entire Lindbergh community …”

We believe the Lindbergh School District, its students and families and the entire Lindbergh community is far better off today than it was 17 years ago when Dr. Sandfort arrived.

We wish Dr. Sandfort the best in his well-deserved retirement as he leaves a remarkable legacy that will continue to be felt for years to come.