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Lindbergh starts new committees


The Lindbergh Board of Education is inviting school district patrons to serve on one of four new board advisory committees.

The committees will allow board members to seek input and advice on key issues, the district said.

The committees will also promote widespread involvement and participation throughout the district.

Board of Education advisory committees will include Finance, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Life and Technology.

Each board advisory committee will include community members, parents, board members and district staff members.

Committee members will be appointed prior to the start of the school year and for the first term can serve two- or three-year terms.

All committee members must be residents of Lindbergh Schools.

Board advisory committees will meet approximately once a month and will report to the Board of Education.

The initiative is one of the first changes to happen under Superintendent Tony Lake, who officially became Lindbergh superintendent July 1.

As he takes office, Lake has started a “Lindbergh Listening and Learning Tour” in which he is making appearances at a variety of civic organizations and inviting participants to take an online survey on Lindbergh.

The new superintendent is asking residents what they don’t want to change, what they want to change, what they think the school district does best and even one word that they think best sums up Lindbergh. The results of that last question will go into a large word cloud on the first wall visitors will see when they walk into Lindbergh Central Office.

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