Lindbergh Schools voters should approve bond issue

By Mike Anthony

Lindbergh Schools voters will consider Proposition G, a $34 million bond issue, when they go to the polls Tuesday.

The Call urges voters to approve the measure, as we believe it’s necessary to address the district’s aggressive enrollment growth. Without the passage of Prop G, we believe the academic success Lindbergh has enjoyed — being ranked No. 1 in academic achievement in the state for four consecutive years — will be jeopardized.

As proposed, Prop G — for Growth — would increase the district’s debt-service tax rate by 21 cents, to 68.3 cents per $100 of assessed valuation from 47.3 cents. A four-sevenths majority — 57.14 percent — is required for passage of the measure.

If approved, proceeds from the bond issue would fund the construction of a 650-student elementary school on the nearly 10-acre Dressel School site at 10255 Musick Road.

District officials also propose to use $3 million of the bond proceeds to fund some critical needs at Lindbergh High School, including doubling the size of the cafeteria, creating two science classrooms from existing classrooms, converting a record-storage room into two new classrooms, modernizing the library and replacing the wood floor and bleachers in Gymnasium 3.

With a turnover in housing stock and the district’s academic success, Lindbergh’s enrollment surge is relentless. From 2007-2008 to 2012-2013, the district’s residential enrollment increased by 569 students.

Of the district’s five elementary schools, four currently exceed their capacity. From 2013 to 2018, district officials project residential enrollment will increase by 464 students, not including an estimated 120 additional students from new subdivisions being constructed.

The District Growth Committee, which was comprised of parents, community members and staff, studied the issue at length and recommended the construction of a sixth elementary school on the Dressel site.

The Board of Education and Superintendent Jim Simpson agree with the committee’s recommendation.

Currently, the district has enough students to fill a sixth elementary school. As it stands, even if Prop G is approved, the new elementary school would not open until the 2017-2018 school year.

Given all the facts, we believe Prop G is the only logical solution to address Lindbergh’s growth, and urge voters to approve it next Tuesday.