Lindbergh organizes fund drive for Joplin students

Lindbergh Schools is organizing a fund drive to help the students and families of the Joplin R-VIII School District as they recover from the tragic tornado that hit their city on Sunday, May 22.

The fund drive will run through the end of the day May 31.

The “Missouri Kids Helping Missouri Kids” fund, a statewide relief effort, has been established through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to assist Joplin students who have been severely affected by the disaster.

Donations will be routed through

and will appear as “PaySchools” on the contributor’s bank statement.

Despite the gravity of the long-term recovery situation, the immediate safety and well-being of Joplin students is the district’s top priority, according to a news release.

Local school officials said the greatest need is cash donations to provide assistance to their students.

“I cannot even tell you how much we need that,” stated Kim Vann, communications director for Joplin Schools.

The district has a total enrollment of nearly 8,000 students, and nearly half of its student body lives in the affected area.

With money raised through the “Missouri Kids Helping Missouri Kids” fundraising campaign, Joplin school officials can facilitate the appropriate use of funds for their students’ needs, such as clothing, shoes, blankets, pillows and other personal items, the release stated.


to make a donation.