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Lindbergh girls’ golf drives for state


Returning players Sofia Gamayo and Anna Musich will help lead the way for the Lindbergh High varsity girls’ golf team to win this year, head coach Mike Tyler believes.


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Last year, Sofia Gamayo, who was a freshman at the time, was in the top 20 at state for the Lindbergh High School varsity girls’ golf team.

The team also holds several other experienced players who head coach Michael Tyler believes will play a key role in training the younger players this season.

Tyler hopes that each one of his players will improve, individually, from last season.

“Our main goal is for our players, individually, to improve. The better you get at golf, the more fun it is,” Tyler said. “We always try to remember that it’s a game. You want to do your best, but our goal, ultimately, for the individuals, is to improve and get better, whether it’s getting better off the tee or better at putting, just always moving towards improvement.”

Tyler also hopes for his girls to come together to make a mark by qualifying for state.

And he believes the knowledge that returning players bring to the golf course will help the team achieve that goal.

“For our team, we always want to qualify or try to qualify for state,” Tyler said. “This year, we have a number of returning players, and we have some of the standouts.

“Our noteworthy folks, as far as returning players, are Sofia Gamayo… (who) is a sophomore this year, and last year she was an all-state member, she was in the top 15 or 20 at state.

“As a freshman, that’s unheard of for Lindbergh.  She’s just an incredible kid and a great golfer.

“Anna Musich is our captain, and for the last couple of years, she’s missed going to state just by a stroke, so I’m looking forward to seeing her (play). She’s improved a lot, and she’s very dedicated.

“Not only is she the captain, and is always concerned with helping others improve the newer players, which makes her a great captain and great leader.

“She’s been working really hard on her game and I’d love to see her qualifying for state as well,” Tyler said. “So we’re excited about those two players, especially.”

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