Lindbergh Board of Education considers schools for Crestwood Crossing redevelopment

Lindbergh Board of Education considers schools for Crestwood Crossing redevelopment

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Lindbergh has begun work on redistricting part of the district to account for the new Crestwood Crossing development at the  former Crestwood Mall site. 

Chief Human Resources Officer Brian McKenney presented a potential plan for the area to the Board of Education July 21.

Currently the site resides within the Crestwood Elementary zone, and it borders the Long Elementary zone. McKenney said both of those schools are nearing capacity, meaning something different needs to be done for Crestwood Crossing. The development will add 81 new homes to the district, which adds to the already expected enrollment growth.

Groundbreaking and construction on the homes, which are being constructed by McBride Homes, is slated to begin at the end of August. 

McKenney said Crestwood Elementary is at 91 percent capacity, with only two spaces available for a different use — Long is at 95 percent capacity. In comparison, Sappington Elementary is at 72 percent capacity, with seven spaces available for a different use. 

“Sappington at this point is underutilized. Long and Crestwood … really don’t have room at this time,” McKenney said. 

The solution brought to the board was to zone Crestwood Crossing as an island for Sappington Elementary. Superintendent Tony Lake said this recommendation fits within growth projections for the district.

“I think this a good way to be creative with the space you have without disrupting and doing a complete redistricting,” Lake said. “This is just boundary-ing dirt before families show up.”

The board will fully approve a plan at a future meeting.