Green Park mayor breaks tie in favor of going out to bid for new city services


Green Park City Hall

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Green Park Board of Aldermen voted to go out to bid for some of its city services July 18.

The idea was brought up by Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton. Broughton specifically mentioned grass cutting, road maintenance and snow removal as services to seek bids for.

City Administrator James Mello said it was the board’s prerogative to seek new services, but the price could go up in today’s bidding environment.

“Sometimes when cities (seek bids) they end up shooting themselves in the foot. Because now that you’re in a new open bid with new pricing and there’s no contract to defend or renew, everyone’s price is much higher than your existing contract,” Mello said. 

Mello said the city has been with its current contractor since 2014, and if they submit a bid with higher pricing then “it can be a problem.”

The board voted 3-3 to go out for bid, resulting in Mayor Tim Thuston breaking the tie in favor of seeking new services.