Green Park citizens reap rewards of incorporation

By Mike Anthony

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed, but we remember attending the very first meeting of the Green Park Board of Aldermen on June 1, 1995, at the Tesson Ferry County Library.

On Sunday, July 12, city officials will mark the 20th anniversary of Green Park’s incorporation with a celebration on the parking lot of City Hall, 11100 Mueller Road. The gala kicks off at 2:30 and will continue until 8 p.m.

Green Park residents have much to celebrate as their little city is a true success story.

Granted, Green Park hit a few rough spots over the years on the road to success, but those controversies certainly amount to ancient history now.

Today, Green Park residents and businesses enjoy amenities unlike their neighbors in surrounding municipalities and unincorporated St. Louis County. We believe a resolution adopted by aldermen last year opposing “any plan for reunification of the city of St. Louis with St. Louis County” says it best.

The resolution notes that Green Park provides its 2,622 residents and numerous businesses “a high level of service, including a street maintenance program that has successfully replaced all residential streets, Green Park Road and is currently undertaking replacement of its commercial streets; no-cost residential trash/recycling pickup and snow removal; police services; and a trail linking the citizens to parks and other trails in the area …”

The city provides all of these services without levying real estate or personal property taxes on residents, and businesses are not charged a license fee to operate within the city, according to the resolution.

It also should be noted that unlike many nearby municipalities, Green Park is in sound fiscal shape. For example, the Board of Aldermen voted in 2014 to purchase the building that houses City Hall for $1.39 million.

Green Park’s success is the result of the vision of one man — Fred Hoehn, who led the effort to incorporate the city. While Hoehn pointed the way, many, many others have contributed to the city’s success over the years.

Today, the city of Green Park is in good hands under the leadership of Mayor Bob Reinagel, the Board of Aldermen led by President Fred Baras and the staff, which includes City Administrator/City Clerk Zella Pope.

As we said, Green Park residents have much to celebrate, as they are reaping the rewards of 20 years of incorporation.