Green Park Board of Aldermen approves use of license plate readers

Three cameras will be installed at various locations


Photo by Flock Safety

An example of a Flock camera installation.

The Green Park Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a resolution Dec. 19 to install FLOCK license plate readers at three different locations in the city.

For several months the board has been discussing ways to mitigate crime in the city, including bringing back neighborhood watch meetings and installing license plate readers.

“We identified three locations in the city where we think it will maximize their impact. A lot of one-way in and one-way out business subdivisions. This is an opportunity to provide additional assistance to our police officers … and try to deter some of the property crimes happening in the business community,” City Administrator James Mello told the board.

The cameras will be installed at Green Park Road and Green Park Industrial; Lindbergh Business Court, where the Green Park Aldi is and at  Lin Ferry Road.

The cameras snap photos of license plates that are uploaded to databases that police can access. The system can notify law enforcement if the plate matches that of a car that is part of an open investigation.

The total cost of the contract, including camera installation and professional fees, is $16,050 for an initial two-year term. Specifically, $1,500 will be allotted for the installation of three “Falcon” cameras at $500 per camera. Each camera itself costs $2,500. The subtotal for year one is $8,500 while year two is $7,500.

There is the option to terminate the contract before the end of the initial term with a $500-per-device removal fee.

“I know that not everyone is in favor of these … I am a lot in favor of these. If they work it’s great and if they don’t, you know, we have an option,” Ward 1 Alderman Carol Hamilton said.

‘It’s a pretty small two-year cost to absorb and then we can decide if it’s not benefiting us or not worth the cost, then we can make that decision,” Mello added.

The cameras are expected to be installed before the end of this month.