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Green Park aldermen approve city’s 2012 budget


Executive Editor

A 2012 general-fund budget that projects revenues of roughly $1 million with anticipated expenditures of about $1 million was adopted last week by the Green Park Board of Aldermen.

The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Dec. 19 to approve the city’s 2012 general-fund budget that estimates revenues at $1,071,450 with projected expenditures of $1,007,949 — a surplus of $63,501.

Revised figures for the city’s 2011 general-fund budget project revenues of $1,107,010 with estimated expenditures of $998,621 — a surplus of $108,389.

The 2012 capital-improvements-fund budget anticipates total revenues of $2,181,561 with expenditures of $2,109,950 — a surplus of $71,611.

Across both major funds in 2012, Green Park officials are estimating total revenues of $3,253,011 with projected total expenditures of $3,117,899 — a surplus of $135,112.

For 2012, officials are projecting an ending balance of $3,004,503 in the city’s general fund on Dec. 31, 2012. Of that amount, $2,564,503 is unreserved.

In the capital-improvements fund, officials are anticipating an ending balance of $103,073 on Dec. 31, 2012.

Projected 2012 revenue in the general fund includes $310,000 in sales-tax revenue, $230,000 in electric utility taxes and $105,000 from the road and bridge tax.

For 2011, officials project Green Park will collect $315,000 in sales-tax revenue, $240,000 in electric utility taxes and $105,000 in road and bridge tax revenue.

As for 2012 general-fund expenditures, the three most costly are $230,000 for police services, $186,000 for the city’s residential-waste program and $150,000 for road maintenance.

In 2011, the three largest expenditures in the general fund were $226,340 for police services, $181,742 for the city’s residential-waste program and $154,00 for road maintenance.

Projected 2012 revenue for the capital-improvements fund includes $400,000 from a half-cent sales tax and $1,781,561 from a federal grant for the reconstruction of Green Park Road.

For 2011, officials estimated the city collected $380,000 from the half-cent sales tax and $683,031 in federal grants for the Green Park Road project and the reconstruction of the Green Park Road bridge over Gravois Creek. The bridge project was completed in the fall.

For 2012, $400,000 is budgeted in the capital-improvement fund for street replacement/repairs and $1,709,950 is budgeted for the Green Park Road project.

A roughly 6,000-foot stretch of Green Park Road from Tesson Ferry Road to Lin Valle Drive is being reconstructed. The road is being widened with two extra feet of lanes on each side to make 12-foot lanes.

Besides widening Green Park Road, the city plans to include a new pedestrian pathway along the road’s north side, an additional right-turn lane at the road’s intersection with Tesson Ferry Road and a new left-turn lane at Antrill Drive.

Plans also call for eliminating drop-offs and ditches from the road and replacing them with vertical curbs on each side. Because the curbing replaces ditches on each side of the road, a storm sewer is being installed across the road’s length.

Officials originally had hoped to have the road reconstruction completed by the end of this year, but delays resulting from the weather and the relocation of water lines have pushed the project into 2012.

L. Krupp Construction Inc., of Ballwin, is the contractor for the road project.

During the Dec. 19 aldermanic meeting, City Administrator/City Clerk Zella Pope told the board, “… I was promised today that the whole road from Lin Valle through to (Highway) 21 will be open for local traffic only through the winter …

“So there shouldn’t be any barricades or anything through the winter … Hopefully in March then, they will come back and finish from Antrill through 21. They stated that worse-case scenario, it would take three months to complete it. They’re looking at more like two …,” she added.

During the winter months, Krupp will perform retaining wall work along Green Park Road, she said, noting the sewer work is complete.

Mayor Tony Konopka cited delays by Missouri American Water in relocating water lines as a primary reason why the road work is continuing into 2012.

“… One of the reasons why we were behind is because American Water — waiting for them to relocate those water lines pretty much put us probably three months behind and now we’re getting into winter time and when you get into winter time, the asphalt plants close. So they’re unable to get any of the hot asphalt,” he said, noting that’s why actual road work won’t resume until spring.

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