Flyers golf team boasts depth for 2013

Team unity to be a strength of Lindbergh girls’ golf team

Head coach Mike Tyler believes his Lindbergh High girls golf team will have a solid season this year.

Head coach Mike Tyler believes his Lindbergh High girls’ golf team will have a solid season this year.

By Robert Chalupny

Depth is the reason for optimism surrounding the 2013 season for the Lindbergh High School varsity girls’ golf team.

The Flyers, led by longtime head coach Mike Tyler, have a pretty reasonable chance at having a very successful year.

“We have a lot of people returning that were part of the main core of our varsity team last year,” Tyler told the Call. “As I look at the season and project what will happen throughout the season, we should have a solid season with a lot of returning team members and there will probably be a few surprises along the way, too.”

He added, “We are pretty deep this year as far as seniors to freshmen on the varsity team. We should have a solid season with some pretty low scores, and hopefully get a few down to state. I’m not sure at this point if we are at the juncture of getting down to state as a team, but you never know.”

Providing the depth and veteran leadership are Courtney Schaper, Abbey Malone, Carly Rupp, Ellen Brunsmann, Hannah Brown, Kavita Krell and Sarah Vlaich.

Also expected to be key players are freshmen Anna Nickel and Emily Schaper.

A key component that always factors in to the golf success equation is practice and progress.

“We have some kids that have made some major improvement and some major strides over the summer since last season, especially Ellen Brunsmann,” Tyler said. “She is one that’s worked really hard and there’s a noticeable difference between where she was last year and where she is this year.

“So she may be a key to us getting a team down to state because of her progress over the offseason.”

Tyler said the strength of the 2013 Flyers is its team unity.

“I think the strength is that they are a really tight group. In this group, it doesn’t matter who plays with who, they are all pulling for each other even if means that other person beating their score,” he said. “They are really honestly rooting for the teammate to do well. They are all really good team members in an individual sport.”

Something the Flyers learned from last season that is bound to help them this season is consistency and patience.

“Consistency will play a big role and I think we learned unless you stay focused the entire time, not let one bad hole get to you,” Tyler said. “It can spoil a complete round.

“You’re going to have a bad hole,” the Lindbergh coach said. “The key is to not let it get to you and dictate how you play the whole round. If they stay in it, make the best shot they can on every shot.

“I think they learned to take each shot as they come, and you can’t change anything in the past.”