Filing to start for school board seats up for election

Filing for local school boards to continue through Jan. 15

By Staff Report

Filing will open at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11, for school board seats up for election Tuesday, April 2.

Seats held by President Vic Lenz and Treasurer Kara Gotsch are up for election on the Lindbergh Board of Education and seats held by President Venki Palamand and Secretary Larry Felton are up for election on the Mehlville Board of Education.

The seats carry three-year terms.

During a Board of Education meeting last week, Lindbergh Superintendent Jim Simpson announced both Lenz and Gotsch will seek re-election in April.

Lenz has served on the Lindbergh school board since April 2004.

Lenz served in various teaching and administrative roles for 37 years at Lindbergh, and has lived in the district more than 60 years. Before retiring in 2003, he was assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for 15 years.

Gotsch first was elected to the Lindbergh school board in 2010.

Contacted by the Call, Palamand and Felton said they intend to seek re-election.

Palamand and Felton first were elected to the Mehlville board in April 2007.

Under state law, if the number of school-board candidates who file is equal to the number of positions to be filled by the election, no election will be conducted.

Filing will end at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15.