In electing Trump, citizens voted for ‘a dragon slayer,’ reader asserts


To the editor:
This is in response to Executive Editor Mike Anthony’s Dec. 14 column titled “Modern day presidential social media use epic fail.”
In the November 2016 presidential election, the people wanted and elected a dragon slayer who was not going to be politically correct and who was not owned by neither politicians nor private enterprise.
They wanted a president who would clean up the crooked cesspool of government and protect the American way of life.
They wanted prosperity for themselves and their children. They wanted the borders closed, and the threat of terrorism neutralized.
We don’t care that President Donald Trump is mocking Kim Jong-un by calling him “Little Rocket Man” because our past presidents merely coddled him.
Look where that has gotten us.
We don’t care that President Trump has taken to Twitter to brag about his successes because it is well known that the mainstream media is biased against him, and with the help of deep-state politicians they have given a pass to nearly every scandal of the last eight years.
If anyone feels that they haven’t given a pass then where is the accountability, where is the loss of employment, where are the jail sentences coming from these scandals? Maybe I should list a few that come to mind:
• Benghazi — Four Americans killed, countless others affected.
• IRS scandal — The IRS intentionally targeting conservative organizations.
• Hillary Clinton’s emails and service — The former secretary of state’s mishandling of classified information.
• Bowe Bergdahl — Released for five Taliban prisoners under suspicious circumstances.
• Iranian prisoner swap — $400 million cash payment.
• Clinton Foundation — Pay to play. Also, where did all the Haiti relief money go?
• U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ­— Long wait times and poor conditions that resulted in the deaths of countless veterans.
• Fort Hood shooting — Initially being called “workplace violence” instead of what it actually was — an act of terrorism.
• Loretta Lynch — Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.
• National Security Agency unmasking — Spying on private American citizens for political purposes.
• Hurricane Sandy — Relief funds that never found their way to New York and New Jersey.
• Obamacare website — $840 million cost overrun.
Mr. Anthony, when you speak of ideology trumping ethics are you speaking of the FBI together with Justice Department and National Security Agency officials colluding to undermine the presidency?
Each American has his own political belief and aspirations.
If at the end of four years, we are not satisfied with the way this country is headed, we can elect those individuals who we deem appropriate.
Let’s give this president a chance because the people who elected him did not like the way this country was heading.
We voted for a dragon slayer.
Frank J. Longo