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District event recognizes accomplishments of its staff

The Mehlville School District celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of its staff members at the 31st Annual Recognition Night held on April 28 at Genesis Banquet Center.

“Tonight’s activities not only allow us to honor those who give so much to the Mehlville School District, but provide us an opportunity to reflect on what a remarkable district it is where we work and live,” event host and Board of Education President Venki Palamand told attendees. “Tonight, we pay tribute to a select group of deserving honorees. They have all accepted the call to serve our students, they’ve sacrificed much, and they deserve our thanks.”

The following staff members were honored by their colleagues at Recognition Night:

• Teacher of the Year

Each building selects a teacher from staff nominations to be honored as its Teacher of the Year.

John Cary Early Childhood: Jen Darr

Beasley Elementary: Karen Cordia

Bierbaum Elementary: Alison Helmer

Blades Elementary: Sue Stebe

Forder Elementary: Heidi Kwentus

Hagemann Elementary: Linda Minnick

Oakville Elementary: Anita Schmidt

Point Elementary: Cheryl Jungewaelter

Rogers Elementary: Mary Beth Eichenlaub

Trautwein Elementary: Karen Stuckmeyer

Wohlwend Elementary: Meagan Ochoa

Bernard Middle: Susan Allen

Margaret Buerkle Middle: Jennifer Flieg

Oakville Middle: Carol Gibbons

Washington Middle: Greg Balmer

Mehlville High: Kristin Wheatley

Oakville High: Caryn Miller

SCOPE: John DeWalle

• Classified Employee of the Year

Each building selects an employee from staff nominations to be honored as its Classified Employee of the Year.

John Cary Early Childhood: Steve Mason

Beasley Elementary: Mary Wallenberg

Bierbaum Elementary: Meg Maxheimer

Blades Elementary: Jim McMahan

Forder Elementary: Wanda Caulk

Hagemann Elementary: Rex White

Oakville Elementary: Diane Curtis

Point Elementary: Michelle Cook

Rogers Elementary: Karen Bernstetter

Trautwein Elementary: Margaret Chulick

Wohlwend Elementary: Kasia Hasch

Bernard Middle: Tina Pysz

Margaret Buerkle Middle: Robin Shore

Oakville Middle: Doris Meilink

Washington Middle: Pam Wagner

Mehlville High: Laura Pizzella

Oakville High: Patti Kappel

SCOPE: Tammy Chumley

Central Office: Kathy Hardin

Jefferson Barracks: Patty Crocker

Transportation: Jim Wiemann

• Employee Service Awards

Each year employees are honored for reaching milestones in their service to the District.

20 Years of Service

Parents as Teachers: Nancy Guilfoy

Blades Elementary: Vickie Plemmons

Hagemann Elementary: Vickie May

Point Elementary: Janice Baker, Cathrynn Navarro and Tamara Stinson

Rogers Elementary: Donna Buehne and Susan Kettler

Bernard Middle: Peggy Anselm and Christopher Waller

Washington Middle: John Garrett and Priscilla Willard

Mehlville High: Jane Ebert, Wilda Exler, Dale Gegg, Paula Heller and Debby Marsanick

Oakville High: Tamara Popp

Jefferson Barracks: Chris Crocker

Transportation: Linda Funk

• 25 Years of Service

Hagemann Elementary: Lisa Maurer

Point Elementary: Susan Gould

Margaret Buerkle Middle: Curtis Moore

Mehlville High: Sharon Brouk and Donna Roesch

• 30 Years of Service

Central Office: Kathy Hardin

• 35 Years of Service

Oakville Elementary: Judy Catalana

Mehlville High: LaDonna Wolter

• 10-Year Volunteers

District schools nominate individuals who have donated their time and efforts to serving the District and its students for more than 10 years.

Point Elementary: Donna Wall

• Distinguished Service Award

The Mehlville Distinguished Service Award is an annual award recognizing excellence in performance, service, character and contribution to the Mehlville School District.

Jim Schibig, 2011 Recipient

• Retirement

The District honors its retiring teachers and staff members for their dedication and service to the District and its students throughout their careers.

Beasley Elementary: Caroline Klages

Bierbaum Elementary: Madelynn Kennebeck

Blades Elementary: James McMahan, Karen Rogers, Sue Stebe and Susan Steinkiste

Forder Elementary: Carol Kaczerowski

Oakville Elementary: Ruth Emnett

Rogers Elementary: Bobbi Donze, Sandra Meyer, Suzanne Morton and Ellen Woulfe

Trautwein Elementary: Lois Arconati and Jane Schulz

Bernard Middle: Karen Mayfield and Darleen Rapp

Margaret Buerkle Middle: Judy Peckham and Lynn Ruder

Oakville Middle: Denise Dietz and Ruth Huffman

Washington Middle: Patricia L. Jones, Nancy Schejbal and Susan Zub

Mehlville High: Patrice Arant, Denise Driscoll, Betty Hale, Richard Hirbe, Helga Needham, Janet Weber and LaDonna Wolter

Oakville High: Janet Harsh, Larry Hester, Mark Huckabee, Bonita Miller and Bill Scheffler

SCOPE: Marvin Anthony

Central Office: Jan Boyd, Kathy Hardin and Terry Noble

Jefferson Barracks: Robert Bargeon, Ronald Bonnell, Scott Gaebler, Michael Gray, Aleen Hendrix and James Wanstreet

Transportation: Jerry Benton, Catherine Hirbe, Robert Lauer, John Newland, Sharon Smallenberger, Anne Marie Wagener and Diana Wedel

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