Crestwood seeking consultant to aid with amphitheater

Proposed amphitheater part of 2000 master plan for park

The description of the scope of the Crestwood amphitheater project from the bid listing.

The description of the scope of the Crestwood amphitheater project from the bid listing.

By Staff Report

The city of Crestwood is seeking a consultant to assist in planning for the design and construction of an amphitheater in Whitecliff Park.

A request for proposals, or RFP, for a consultant was issued by the city on Dec. 11, with responses due by 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 24.

However, the RFP states, “This proposal must remain valid for at least 90 days after submittal date and is contingent on the awarding of funds through a municipal parks planning grant.”

The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Dec. 9 to adopt a resolution to apply for a grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission of St. Louis County to fund planning for the design and construction of the amphitheater.

Board President Mike Tsichlis of Ward 4 asked, “…If we were to obtain the grant, the planning grant, would it entail the city engaging in contractual services with a design firm for this particular project? …”

Recreation Manager Todd Stover told Tsichlis, “… Basically, that is what the grant is for, for us to hire a professional as we did with the Spellman Park project to aid the city in all the processes involved in making sure we are on the right track if we do decide to do an amphitheater.”

Tsichlis offered his services, saying, “… I’ll be happy to assist should we move ahead with this, so please keep me informed.”

The amphitheater is part of the Whitecliff Park Master Plan that was completed in 2000. However, when bids came in higher than expected for the city’s aquatic center in 2001, construction of the amphitheater was placed on hold due to a lack of funding.

The Whitecliff Park Master Plan proposed that the amphitheater be located on the hillside next to the restrooms at the top of the park. However, the RFP states the consultant will “analyze current park facilities, layout and potential improvements based on terrain, neighborhood access, adjacency to homes, streets and parking with the goal of providing the best location and design for an amphitheater that fits the needs of the community.”