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Crestwood resolution backs Bush, troops


Executive Editor

A resolution unequivocally supporting the efforts of President George Bush and the men and women of the U.S. armed forces to protect this country against terrorism and “murderous dictators” recently was approved by the Crestwood Board of Aldermen.

The Board of Aldermen last week voted 5-1 with one abstention to approve the resolution. Ward 3 Alderman Don Maddox had drafted the resolution and made the motion to approve it. Seconding Maddox’s motion was Ward 2 Alderman Tim Trueblood.

Besides Maddox and Trueblood, Ward 3 Alderman “Bernie” Alexander, Ward 4 Alderman Pat Duwe and Ward 4 Alderman Tom Fagan voted in favor of the resolution.

Opposed was Ward 2 Alderman Gary Vincent. Ward 1 Alderman Richard Breeding abstained, while Ward 1 Alderman Richard LaBore was absent from the March 25 meeting.

Before voting against the resolution, Vincent said that while he supported U.S. troops, he questioned whether it was appropriate for the Crestwood board to consider such a resolution.

The resolution states:

“Be it resolved that Mayor James E. Robertson and the Board of Aldermen of the city of Crestwood:

“Support (unequivocally) the efforts of the president of the United States to protect the citizens of the United States from the threat of terrorism; and

“Support the removal of programs aimed at securing weapons of mass destruction for the use of murderous dictators and others who wish to see the destruction of the United States, its culture and its citizens; and

“Support the men and women of our armed services who have entered and who are prepared to enter harm’s way to protect the citizens of the United States and the world from such dictators; and

“Consider pacifism of dictators who rule by fascist or communistic principles to be folly leading to disaster for the democracies and republics of the world.”

Before the vote was taken, Vincent said, “You know, I may agree with everything in this, but I really don’t see why this is appropriate for this board to take this type of action. We’re not elected for this purpose. We have no more say in this type of thing than any voter in this room or outside this room, and it kind of aggravates me when I hear various municipalities around making resolutions about things of this nature. Whether they’re for or against the war, I just don’t think it’s within their purview, the purview of what they’re being elected for.

“So I support our troops as much as anyone and I think it would be appropriate for us maybe to take a moment of silence to remember all those people who are over there who are suffering, our soldiers who are dying, their families and that, but whether this is appropriate for this board or not, I don’t know. I really think it’s not what we’re being asked to do as representatives in this city, so I’m going to vote against it,” Vincent added.

Fagan said, “I do have some reservations as well about these proclamations, especially when I hear Berkeley, California, and the Denver City Council passing similar resolutions, except from the opposite viewpoint. But because Alderman Maddox has stated something that I agree with, even though I concur with Alderman Vincent’s reservations, I will be voting for it and I think it may not do any good in any respect other than I think people know that we do support our troops and we’re not like Berkeley, California, or Denver, Colorado. So I will vote ‘yes.”’

Breeding said, “In all candor, I’d like to abstain from this because I’m not sure if we were elected to do this kind of thing or not do this kind of thing. I’ll just support the board in whatever they choose to do.”

The board then voted 5-1 to approve the resolution with Vincent opposed, Breeding abstaining and LaBore absent.

In a separate matter, the board voted unanimously to approve a request from the Fire Department to spend $5,890 to purchase new software from FIREHOUSE Software so the department can convert its records to the city’s computer network. The new software will allow the Fire Department to comply with requirements of the federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.

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