Crestwood mayor’s service to city merits a second term

By Mike Anthony

Former Ward 3 Alderman Gregg Roby is challenging incumbent Jeff Schlink for the Crestwood mayoral post in the Tuesday, April 8, election.

The Call wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorses Schlink. During his past three years as mayor, Schlink has brought a statesman-like demeanor to the post — calm, reasonable, thoughtful and respectful — a stark contrast to the brash buffoonery of his predecessor, Roy Robinson.

Schlink has continued to promote open and transparent government — something we can’t say of Roby, a one-term former alderman who said during a candidate forum that the public has an “absolute right to know what we are doing at all times … I believe in open government completely.”

Yet, he refused to reveal his campaign contributors at the forum.

When pressed, he responded that if residents wanted to know who is backing his candidacy, they could file a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request. Sorry, sir, but under the Missouri Open Meetings and Records Act, it’s called a Sunshine Law request.

Thanks to state campaign finance laws, we know that Robinson is Roby’s biggest campaign contributor. Other contributors include former Aldermen Chris Pickel, Mimi Duncan and Deborah Beezley, all of whom declined to seek re-election, yet continue to squawk about actions taken by current elected officials.

Looking back, what did they accomplish while in office?

Roby contends Schlink should have broken a 4-4 tie vote to select a planner for Centrum Partners’ proposed redevelopment of Crestwood Court.

We disagree. We believe Centrum’s proposal, with its request for roughly $34 million in economic assistance, was neither serious nor viable.

As mayor, Schlink has been more than fair in allowing all to address the Board of Aldermen. He also is cognizant of issues that could impact the future of Crestwood, such as a potential city-county merger. At the forum, Roby said he wouldn’t touch that issue “with a 10-foot pole.” Sorry, but that’s not the type of leadership Crestwood and its citizens need.

We’re not sure what Roby brings to the table in terms of financial qualifications, while Schlink serves as director of systems and operations in the Compliance and Legal Division at Edward Jones.

Given his qualifications, professionalism and service for the past three years to the city of Crestwood and its citizens, we urge Crestwood voters to re-elect Mayor Jeff Schlink on April 8.